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Industries Served

With a combined experience of over 45 years, the staff at TP Machining Center have served numerous industries, including (but not limited to) automotive, firearm components, medical, food industry, electronics, telecommunications, government and maintenance. Whatever your need, in whatever your industry, we are here to serve you better than anyone else can.

Firearm Components

We have experience in producing various firearm components and after-market accessories for custom retailers.

Magazine Plugs, Scope Mounts, Stock Gun Slings and Safety Buttons are just a few of the components we've manufactured.  

Electronics and Telecommunications

In the ultra-competitive world of electronics manufacturing, you can always depend on TP Machining Center to deliver the prototypes and fixtures that you need. We have served customers by designing and building wave solder pallets, edge connector presses and many other fabricated parts.

Auto makers and Suppliers

The world of auto manufacturing depends on short lead times and reliable delivery of parts. That's exactly what we deliver. We can help you by building special mounting fixtures and testing fixtures for all your parts. We have assisted with new product development, and headlamp/taillamp fixturing.

When you need prompt, reliable service, call
TP Machining Center.

Maintenance and Replacement Parts

Some of our deepest roots are in providing maintenance teams with the parts they need to get the job done. Many maintenance crews suffer from inferior replacement parts, or need custom work to fix equipment so it doesn't break again. TP Machining Center can work with you to rebuild, or reverse-engineer broken parts. When we build them, we build them so they are better than OEM and that helps to keep your breakdowns, and therefore your costs, to a minimum.