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The Challenger Force Machine

By TP Machining Center

challenger, side view The Challenger Force Machine is a device designed for the fire service industry that simulates forced entry into a building. 

Our Force Machines are in use in Canada from coast to coast, as well as globally. We've shipped these machines as far away as Dubai!!   Near or far, wherever you're located we can deliver our product to your doorstep.

How It Works

The user straddles the centre Ram (that's the part with the Canadian Flag decal) by placing each foot on a footpad.   

Our footpads come standard with 2 anti-skid strips for the ultimate in safety and traction.
Challenger, front view
Swinging a sledgehammer in an overhand fashion, the user hits the striker plate of the Ram with as many blows as is necessary to slide it from one end of the track to the other, against the built-in resistance. 

Challenger, scale decalA highly visible scale decal is provided so the user can gauge their progress.

Training and Competition Applications

The Challenger Force Machine is a highly efficient way to train fire fighters in the use of a sledgehammer or axe. 

It's also widely used in competition situations. It can be used as a training device prior to the competition and it's also used as an event station within the competition.

The Challenger Force Machine delivers smooth consistent operation so you get a true measure of your skills no matter what course or conditions you're experiencing. It's compact and reliable, and gives the best measure of how strong and fast you really are.

Scott Firefit Championships is a competition based on fire fighting tasks commonly performed in emergency situations. They travel the world hosting these increasingly popular competitions. TP Machining Center is the exclusive provider of Force Machines for Scott Firefit Championships.

Check out the Firefit website to see the "Competition Video" of the Challenger Force Machine in action.

Why We're the Best  

The Challenger Force Machine is proudly manufactured in Belleville, Ontario, Canada by TP Machining Center.

Our Force Machine is approximately 52" x 39" and it's constructed of Stainless Steel, Chrome and Aluminum components on a rugged steel substrate. It is a durable, well-manufactured unit that is meant to withstand the punishment that you're going to throw at it!!

The Challenger Force Machine has a pair of sturdy handles on each end and can be lifted by 2 people, making it a very portable and versatile unit. 

Challenger, custom decal Customized Graphics

Do you want to have your own custom logo or insignia put on your Challenger Force Machine? No problem! 

You supply the graphic and we'll brand your new machine.

How To Get A Challenger Force Machine

Are you interested in owning the best training and competition device for your organization?   TP Machining Center is the exclusive manufacturer of this innovative and rugged product. Contact us for prices or just to find out more about the Challenger Force Machine.